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Xibita's roll-up and retractable banner lines can improve your results.

Trade show and Retail Displays that get noticed.

Eye-catching, economical and easy to set up, our portable roll-up banner stands take the fuss out of the preparation and delivery of your message. From roll-up banners to retractable cassettes, we offer every type of banner stand to meet your individual needs.

Roll-up and retractable banner stands are ideal in free-standing open areas such as malls, showrooms and tradeshows – and are the answer to capturing the attention of prospects that are coming and going.

Our lightweight, tall and wide roll-up and retractable banners can be a modular component to a larger display, or can help promote “in store” specials and promotions. Working together, two or more banners can provide additional impact to your message.

Retractable Banner Stands

Xibita’s retractable banner lines are designed to make a big impression at a moment's notice.

With an engineered retractable cassette as its base, retractables set-up instantly by lifting and securing the banner in place. After the event, the banner is stored and protected in the cassette until called to action.

Looking to change your banner? Our graphics can be replaced as often as you need – making our systems reuseable for many years to come.

ZAP Retractable Banner Stand

Created with simplicity in mind, ZAP assembles in seconds with results that are truly impressive.

Utilizing a unique retractable cassette as its base, ZAP maintains and consistently showcases your message over and over. ZAP banner stands are ideal for free-standing open areas such as malls, showrooms and tradeshows where you can capture the attention of prospects that are coming and going.

Tall, wide yet light. ZAP can be adjusted in height from a petite 35 inches to a handsomely tall 88 inches. And yet its 35 inch-wide base, including telescoping pole, banner and nylon carrying case weighs remarkably less than 12 lbs!


ROSO Retractable Banner Stand

ROSO's retractable banner is both light-weight and durable enough for everyday use.

Use ROSO as a permanent display or take it on the road! Toss a ROSO in the back of a car or check it in as luggage. ROSO's sturdy padded nylon carrying case fully protects your investment.

Affordable: ROSO retractable banner stand is powerful enough to stand independently. But why not take advantage of its deceptively attractive price point and share your message in multiples? Highlight your entire product line or suite of services, display in multiple locations or support an entire dealer or franchise network. Count on ROSO to carry your brand message everywhere!


Roll-Up Banner Stands

Cost-effective and reliable, our roll-up banners offer a strong and stable solution that is easy for you to set-up.

Our lightweight systems are based on three pieces that come together to make an impact. When the show is over, your banner folds down and fits into a nylon carrying case, so you can be on the road anywhere and at any time. With environmental banner options, the roll-up system is an attractive product both to your budget and the environment.

Roll-up banner systems give you the flexibility of presenting your message without any mechanical systems. Simply add or remove the graphic as your needs dictate. Changing graphics is easy and hassle-free. Without any moving parts, roll-up banner systems are ideal for outdoor requirements.

Roll-up systems come with telescoping or fixed length options. The ability to double your graphic exposure is also readily available. With a choice of fabric or vinyl graphic options, a vibrant message is easily within the reach of roll-up banner systems.

SOLO Retractable Banner Stand

SOLO achieves a world-first in combining affordability, durability and sheer quality.

Hardworking features without frills. SOLO is a unique roll-up banner stand that does not rely on a cartridge system. The banners are simply rolled and unrolled to the height you require. Due to its roll-up feature SOLO can accommodate a double-sided graphic in each one of its twin-channels. When you need to have two messages but don’t want the hassle of two stands, SOLO is the perfect choice.

SOLO is a strong and stable, yet lightweight 3-piece system that takes less than two minutes to assemble. When the show is over, SOLO simply rolls down and fits into a handy carrying case, along with your rolled-up display banners.


ECON Retractable Banner Stand

Hook it up, Hang it out.

ECON is versatile both indoors and outdoors. With seven banner sizes that all fit on one frame, ECON offers you choice above all. Printed on durable smooth vinyl, you message is perfectly presented to your audience.


BAMBU Retractable Banner Stand

Saving the planet one message at a time!

The BAMBU banner stand is one of the first environmentally-responsible display products on the market. The bamboo frame and graphic panel produced with biodegradable inks makes this one of the most renewable banner stands on earth.

Sparing no compromise on quality this banner stand is a cost-effective, environmentally responsible product that keeps your budget and conscience in check.


ACROBAT Retractable Banner Stand

Attractive, smart and affordable, our Banner Stands take the fuss out of the preparation and delivery of your message. From roll ups to retractable cassettes, we offer every type of stand to meet your individual needs.

Acrobat outdoor banner

BRIO Retractable Banner Stand

The perfect size for smaller needs.

When a banner stand is too big, BRIO is perfect.

The BRIO is a tension banner-stand perfect for any table-top message or display that doesn’t compromise on quality. Its L-stand frame provides stability and strength with minimum footprint.

Its aluminum frame provides the right amount tension to keep your message crease-free and stunning.


“The exhibition room was very well received! It was officially opened by the Prime Minister, and all the guests were able to walk through quite comfortably.”

– Sarah Russell
Research and Special Projects, The High Commission of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

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