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FTP access guide.

Delivering art files and project items is easy through our FTP site. Follow the instructions below to upload files for your project.

If you have any questions or problems with your file transfer, please call the Graphic Department for assistance:

Alternatively you can call us for support Toll Free at 1-800-663-1737 or email us at

Upload Instructions

  1. Please place all your files into a named folder (see file naming info below).
  2. Zip the folder.
  3. Upload the zipped file.


Please complete the form

Additional Information

File Naming
Please use the Project number provided to you by your Account Manager followed by your company name e.g. “12345_CompanyName.sit”. If a Project number is not available at the time of file transfer, please name the file with the company that will be invoiced for the project. e.g. “”.

Upload One File Only
Please compress all your working files into one compressed archive. Do not send individual files. If possible, please provide files in .zip format.

File Formats
Xibita currently uses Adobe Creative Suite 4. To ensure your files are supplied in a compatible format, please consult Xibita Artwork Preparation Guidelines.

Interrupted File Transfer
If your file transfer stops prior to completion, please try the upload again. The transfer may be continued successfully. Please send us an email at once your file has been successfully uploaded.

Download these instructions.

Download Artwork Preparation Guidelines.

“The process (for me) was half way home with the selection of both ‘Reflections’ and the ‘Original 8’ systems. A combination I hadn’t even conceived of - prior to my visit. I have worked with a lot of graphics design people in my 20+ years in investor relations for numerous public companies and I would like to say that Xibita was able to translate my concepts and vision wonderfully in a few short emails and phone calls. The end product is excellent and the process has seemed almost effortless (which I know is the real trademark of a pros). My experience with The Portables proves the adage ‘When you want it done right, go to the professionals‘.”

Western Uranium Corp.

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