Xibita's Leadership Team

Declan Withers Exhibit Services Manager

Creating a stress- and worry-free experience is an essential component of Xibita’s exceptional customer service.

Declan Withers has managed Xibita’s Exhibit Services Division since 2005. Declan is responsible for customer care, maintaining impeccable communication with the client through all aspects of the project. His expertise ranges from managing small local GTA installs to working with $1,000,000 exhibits as they find their way to international destinations. Declan’s attention to detail, his composure when the unexpected hits and his ability to find solutions under all conditions make him a unique asset to Xibita and their clients.

Over the years, clients have come to rely on Declan to ensure that exhibit details are not overlooked. Declan works with Xibita’s clients to cost-effectively ship and install exhibits sometimes in very difficult situations. Working with Union Labor and balancing the requirements of clients demands a steady and calm demeanor. Declan has proven time after time his genius in managing and solving situations on the show floor.

“It really is a pleasure doing business with Xibita. Everytime, all materials come in a timely manner and it’s refreshing.”

– Brandon Crick
Marketing Communications Manager, Cadex Electronics Inc.

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